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[plural noun: ideas] /ʌɪˈdiəz/ 

1 · A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action. 
1.1 · A concept or mental impression.
1.2 · An opinion or belief.
2 · (the idea) the aim or purpose. 

· (in Platonic thought) an eternally existing pattern of which individual things in any class are imperfect copies. 
· (in Kantian thought) a concept of pure reason, not empirically based in experience. 



EYEDS is an interdisciplinary design studio with base in Stockholm. 
The EYEDS concept was ideated in 1995 by Danish creative Daniel Schou (Creative Director at EYEDS AB), while studying in Paris.

ʻOur studio work to uncover, maintain & further develop eye-catching craftsmanship for continued utilisation for many generations. We embody archetypical garments, enlightening literature, original home décor, contemporary art & eclectic interior design. Every article is brought together in an inventive & inspirational gallery format of simplicity by the nature of Nordic design philosophyʼ.

Our DESIGN STUDI❍ specialize in further developments of Nordic design aesthetics, philosophy & culture through sustainable manufacturing of original garments, conceptualized art & home décor ·along with inspirational interior design & bespoke fabrics.

Through commissioned projects we search a wide range of original development opportunities to produce bespoke designs suitable for hotel,
 commercial, residential & lifestyle projects. We advance with locally sourced raw materials & sustainable fabrication to support every opportunity to integrate ʾcircular economyʿ in all projects.

working for all to come full circle




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