Artwork Folded Hands (original) | Acoustic Panel

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Acoustic Panels x Artwork is available for all Paper collective poster selection. 
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Børge Bredenbekk (Norway)
This poster is reproduced from a large-scale pencil drawing created by Børge Bredenbekk on structured grey paper. With the Folded Hands motif Bredenbekk invites the viewer to interpret. Some see the illustration as a symbol friendship, others see relaxation and calmness while others again see faith, belief or trust. However you see it, this illustration really embodies the idea of an image being worth a 1000 words. 
Akuart x Paper Collective 
Akuart is striving to pursue the highest standards possible in the acoustical industry and their sound absorbing panels are among the most powerful wall absorbers on the market. It is now possible to get your favourite art print as a sound absorbing panel. Choose between Home 30mm and Home 50mm and then select your preferred size and frame finish. 
HOME 30 is a discreet and elegant solution that effectively regulates high and sharp tones. HOME 50 is extra efficient regulation is needed. HOME 50 is also ideal when it comes to attenuating sounds over a wide frequency range, because the sound-absorbing panel effectively absorbs the sound energy hitting its surface. 
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