The Artwork Blanket | Artwork by Asger Jorn Limited No. of 25

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Limited No. of 25 

Dimension: 132 cm x 200 cm 
Quality: 66% Wool · 34% Cotton 
Colours: Black, Shell & Ivory
Produced: Woven & handmade in England
Limited number of only 25 pieces
The Artwork blanket have been slightly brushed to form an authentic soft quality.

Asger Jorn
Untitled, 1945
Lithograph, 405 x 300 mm

Asger Jorn (1914-1973) made this lithograph representing a female figure with a distinct face & long hair at the lithographic workshop of Jens Christian Sørensen in Copenhagen in 1945 along with several other graphic works whose figurative motifs comprise wavy lines seemingly drawn in one continuous movement.

By repeating the extensive wavy lines that give the figure its characteristic & harmonious expression, Jorn manages to evoke texture, emotion, & physical movement. Both motif & style clearly recall Edvard Munch’s expressionist universe, distinguished by integrating the mood of nature with human sentiment.